Welcome to the Sudbury Astronomy Club Website!

We are a local club that gets together regularly for monthly astronomy talks (at our regular meetings), enjoy regular star parties (at our observatory and local schools), and other local astronomy related events.

This website is to reach out to new people who may be interested in joining us in our events, and also to our current members to find information on upcoming events.

Feel free to contact us at any time for more information.

Below is a list of upcoming events.

September Meeting Notice

A note to members that the meeting this September is not this week due to the long weekend, but the following Friday, Sept 9th.

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Half The Night @ Halfway Lake

A reminder to the Sudbury Astronomy Club members that our big star party is coming up soon.  You can camp at the park or come up for a visit, taking advantage of dark skies and sharing your knowledge of the night sky.  Half the Night Star Party officially starts Thursday Aug. 25 and ends Sunday Aug. 28.

Halfway Lake has one of the finest beaches in Canada, great picnic areas, good fishing and fine hiking trails.  The night sky has no city glow in any direction.  There is no cost to be a part of the star party beyond usual provincial park fees.  If you come up for a day visit, let the registration staff know you are here as a part of the astronomy club…perhaps you will be one of the lucky ones who do not get charged the day use fee.

Though most participants are booked into sites in the Hawksnest North Campground, you can camp anywhere and join us when you are able.  When weather permits, we get quite a crowd of campers at the boat launch area for viewing….come join us!

Clear Skies!

Linda Pulliah.

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