Welcome to the Sudbury Astronomy Club Website!

We are a local club that gets together regularly for monthly astronomy talks (at our regular meetings), enjoy regular star parties (at our observatory and local schools), and other local astronomy related events.

This website is to reach out to new people who may be interested in joining us in our events, and also to our current members to find information on upcoming events.

Feel free to contact us at any time for more information.

Below is a list of upcoming events.

March Meeting

Don’t forget to join us for the March Meeting this coming Friday.  Featured is Dr Bob Ulrichsen on “Amateur Radio & The Jupiter/IO Connection.”


1) Greetings
2) Wilf Meyer—The Planets
3) Dr. Bob Ulrichsen on “Amateur Radio and the Jupiter/IO Connection”
4) Break
5) Robert Pothier—Occultation of Regulus
6) Darken the Dome


Where: Doran Planetarium

Time: 7:30PM.
Hope to see you there!


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AGM Meeting + John Dobson Tribute

Join us this Friday for our Annual General Meeting, the President’s Award, and a special tribute to John Dobson, father of the Dobsonian Telescope.


Where: Doran Planetarium

Time: 7:30PM

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January Meeting

Join us for the first meeting of the new year, this Friday.


Where: Doran Planetarium

When: 7:30PM

We hope to see you there, weather permitting of course.

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December Meeting

Join us this Friday for a special Christmas meeting at the Doran Planetarium. There will be Pizza. You could also win a Christmas ham! There will also be a presentation on comet ISON and Lovejoy. We hope to see you there!

Where: Doran Planetarium
When: 7:30 PM

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