Welcome to the Sudbury Astronomy Club Website!

We are a local club that gets together regularly for monthly astronomy talks (at our regular meetings), enjoy regular star parties (at our observatory and local schools), and other local astronomy related events.

This website is to reach out to new people who may be interested in joining us in our events, and also to our current members to find information on upcoming events.

Feel free to contact us at any time for more information.

Below is a list of upcoming events.

Late Night with LoEllen Park High | Nov 27th

Itching to do some viewing? The place to be will be LoEllen Park High on Friday Night! Here it is straight from Linda Pulliah:

Dear Fellow SAC members;
Here’s a great opportunity to work with the keen students and teachers of LoEllen Park High!
The students requested night time event that would allow them to learn about the night sky, constellations, and course related info about the cosmos. Let’s give them what they asked for!
I’ll be starting in the gym on the main floor at 7pm, this Friday (27th). Weather permitting, we will be moving outdoors for night sky tours, naked eye, binocular and telescopic. It is a large group of kids, teachers and chaperones, so plenty of SAC members will be required to make this a great experience.
Following the outdoor session, there will be an opportunity for the kids to address questions, like a forum. Who knows what they will ask?! So I am counting on the club members with a wide variety of skills to be there.

If you are able to attend, I’d like to hear from you in advance.
Scopes will be set up near the rink at the back of the school for viewing to start about 7:30pm. In the event of significant precipitation, we will arrange an indoor demonstration of the variety of scopes.
The students are from the science and technology program, I’ve been assured it is a very keen bunch. Sounds like a great event for the Sudbury Astronomy Club too.

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November Meeting | Nov 6th

Join us this Friday for the November meeting, featuring Jeff Collinson as guest-speaker.

1) Greetings from Robert Pothier
2) Guest Presenter—Jeff Collinson—-In the Wake of Captain Cook”
3) Break
4) Linda Pulliah—Star Parties
5) Darken the Dome

Time: 7:30PM
Where: Doran Planetarium (Laurentian University, Fraser Building, Left and Down the Stairs)

November Newsletter 2015

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