A Call for Submissions

To: Sudbury Astronomy Club Members
Past Members
Persons who have participated in a Club activity

From: Julien Dompierre and Jorge Virchez, Editors

Subject: Your Experiences with the Sudbury Astronomy Club
(Invitation to share your stories for the 30th Anniversary Club
History Project)

Do you have a favorite memory about something you saw or did with the
Sudbury Astronomy Club?

What about the Club, its people and activities provided you with a memorable

Do you have a story about your participation in any Club activity, project,
or meeting?

Do you know someone else who might not receive this message, but who has a
story to tell? Please forward this message.

If these questions bring anything to mind, we want to hear from you!

Here is our contact information:

Jorge Virchez jvirchez@laurentian.ca (705) 523-7493
Julien Dompierre jdompierre@gmail.com (705) 673-3810

Here is a list of some of the topics we would like to have stories about:

o Comet Hyakutake (1996)
o Comet Hale-Bopp (1997)
o Mars 2003
o Messier and Lunar Observer Awards
o Moonward Vacuum Coatings
o Club members doing Telescope Making with Alan Ward
o Stargazer Steve Telescopes
o Frozen Banana Star Party
o Great Manitou Star Party
o Club observatory dedication to Ken Odaisky
o Pat Bedard’s “Meteoric” rise in Astrophotography
o Asteroid #13822 named after member in 2004
o Outreach and school star parties
o Dark sky star parties – Burwash, Worthington, etc
o Halfway Lake Provincial Park star parties.
o June BBQ’s
o …

NOTE: This is an incomplete list of possible ideas to include in the story
of our club. It is included because it reminds you of a memory you’d like
to contribute. The list will be more complete when everyone replies!

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