June Meeting | June 9th

This last meeting before summer will be action-packed , with not one, but two guest-speakers and Pizza! We are in for a treat.

2)The Planets—Luc Boulard
3) Guest Speaker—Brian Hollander
4) Break—-Pizza Meeting!
5) Guest Speaker—Steve Holmes
6)Robert Pothier—Second part of Formulas for Astronomers

When: June 9th
Where: Fraser Building, Doran Planetarium (Downstairs)*
Time: 7:30PM

* Those who are attending for the first time will find the Planetarium by taking the stairs to the left when using the main entrance to the Fraser Building.

Synopsis for Brian Hollander: “Brian’s Rock Collection (Truly out of this world) A collection of rocks from around the Earth and Solar System. We explore the different types of rocks and identify their origin while discussing their place in the Solar System. You will see and hold rocks from the backyard to Mars.”

Synopsis for Steve Holmes: “My talk is about how likely we are to find technical civilizations in space, and whether or not some types of stars would be more likely to harbour civilizations than others. I review some of the factors affecting planets that might predispose them to technical civilizations. From my own readings on the matter, and I’m not a scientist, I’ve become quite pessimistic that technical civilizations are at all common and that we might be alone as a space faring life form in this galaxy. This has implications for how we treat this planet.”

SAC Newsletter June 2017



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