June Meeting | June 1st

This is our year end meeting and that means Pizza! In this case, it also means that Robert will take a few people at a time up to the telescope in the observatory of the Fraser Building to view Jupiter. Small groups of interested attendees will be organized at the meeting.

April Meeting Agenda
1)Greetings Robert Pothier
2) The Planets Robert Pothier
3) Mars in July We will organize a Mars viewing party with Science North
4) Viewing Jupiter Robert Pothier
5) Break—-Pizza
6)Deep Sky Challenge Steve and Linda
7) Darken the Dome Summer Night Sky

When: Friday, June 1st
Where: Fraser Building, Doran Planetarium (Downstairs)*
Time: 7:30PM

* Those who are attending for the first time will find the Planetarium by taking the stairs to the left when using the main entrance to the Fraser Building.

SAC Newsletter June 2018

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