June Meeting / Pizza Night | Jun 7th

Join us on Friday for our final meeting of the season. It is also a pizza meeting, so come hungry.  It is also our final meeting as the SAC as we come back in September revitalized as RASC  – Sudbury Centre.


You can see from the letter above that we are now officially known as RASC– Sudbury Centre, but the executive would like to assure you that the history and contributions of the Sudbury Astronomy Club will not be forgotten or minimized. If you are interested in becoming a member of RASC, reach out to either Pete Marshall or Robert Pothier and we will try to answer your questions. We will have more information in time for our September meeting. – Pete Marshall.


June Meeting Agenda
1) Greetings Robert Pothier
2) Vote on 1st or
2nd Fridays for
the next 2 years All Members
3) Observing Certificate Overview Pete Marshall
4) Vote for National Rep to RASC All Members
5) Tasks to accomplish by September Executive Members
6) Year End Pizza Meeting BREAK
7) Review of Star Parties requiring our help Linda
8) Darken the Dome and Summer Constellations Steve Dodson

When: Friday, June 7th
Where: Fraser Building, Doran Planetarium (Downstairs)*
Time: 7:30PM

* Those who are attending for the first time will find the Planetarium by taking the stairs to the left when using the main entrance to the Fraser Building.

SAC Newsletter June 2019


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