The Sudbury Astronomy Club is set up and prepared to visit your group or school, and share a presentation and even a star party, entirely for free!

Usual package:

  • An indoor powerpoint presentation to the group.
  • A question period after the presentation.
  • A star party outside the meeting place, where several club members bring telescopes for the audience to look through.

Because of the unpredictable skies, we usually set a second date as a backup day.. We cannot have a star party if the skies are not clear. The powerpoint presentation alone is not usually attractive enough to do alone without the star party afterwards.

The weather network does not give us accurate enough predictions to know if it will be clear more then a day before the star party. We usually use the clear sky clock, which gives us very accurate sky predictions a day before the planned event.

In advertising these events, please clearly state that events are postponed when weather is not promising.

Please contact us if you are interested in the Sudbury Astronomy Club visiting your group or school.