About the Club

We are a community based organization with 100′s of past and present members. The Sudbury Astronomy Club is dedicated to making astronomy interesting and fun for everyone. We host a variety of activities, including informative monthly meetings, planetarium presentations, public star gazing, member star parties, family barbeques, banquets as well as planet, comet, aurora and meteor shower watches. We enlighten you about the night sky, constellations, galaxies, nebulae and star clusters. The club has members who are experts in astrophotography, telescope making, mirror grinding, lunar geology and cosmology.

We are very involved in public education. In 2005, many of our astronomers joined the Let’s Talk Science Partnership Program at Laurentian University.

Come and joins us at the Doran Planetarium for club meetings usually held on the first Friday of any month September-June. Check out the calendar on the home page for more details.


Students / Seniors Members   – $30.00 annually  (Students in any educational facility full time)
Regular Members   -   $45.00 annually

Regular Members: A person may become a Regular Member by paying annual dues as hereinafter set forth and shall have full voting privileges.
Student Members: A person may become a Student Member if they are enrolled in school full time and pay the annual dues as hereinafter set forth
and shall have full voting privileges.
New: Sponsor Member: Sponsors of the Sudbury Astronomy Club are rewarded with a family membership as a thank you.

Membership runs from September to August. You can join anytime. First time members get a really cool astronomy gift from the club too. Why don’t you come and find out what the gift is?